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A Conversation on LSD

Published 1970s
Topics LSD,

This is a video of a candid meeting at Leary's home with many notable figures of the early days of LSD research. Filmed in the 1970's or early 1980's. The conversation is on LSD.

Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Eccentric lover of wisdom - - September 18, 2014
Subject: myth from legend
Despite the rich mythmaking of many Grateful dead venues and the parking lots identifying Jerry Garcia as Captain trips, this archive separates the myth from the legend and shows the real "captain tripps", Alfred Matthew Hubbard. Appearing in his Merchant marine uniform alongside many of the pioneers of the coexisting legitimate researchers and psychonauts of the LSD-25 experience as it evolved in the England, Switzerland, United States and Canada. Al was an incredible figure whose genius epitomizes multidisciplinary research from patenting coil inductors, working on the manhattan project, and becoming the Johnny Appleseed(again legend from myth as Leary was mis referenced the title) of LSD 25 and many other new discoveries of the 20th century.
Reviewer: tinman911 - - October 9, 2013
Subject: Date of video
Leary references the new Rolling Stones song "So Respectable" which was released on Sep. 15, 1978. Therefore, this gathering probably occurred at the end of 1978.
Reviewer: Learyfan - - June 18, 2012
Subject: Thank you!
This is one of the greatest videos I've ever seen. Not only is this probably the only existing video of Al Hubbard, but he's with the rest of these legends. I can't thank you enough. Really.
Reviewer: santamonican - - May 2, 2011
Subject: More on Participants
One of the most important documents in the entire archive. That's Humphrey Osmond on the couch between Sidney Cohen and Al Hubbard, and Oz Janiger to the right of Tim... amazing. Sidney and Janiger, opposite coasts and views. Hubbard hated Tim, and Sidney disliked him, but they all came together eventually. "Murray" was doing research at UCLA at the time. Note that there's a Khomeini reference at one point, helps to determine when this took place.
Reviewer: rialcnis - - May 14, 2010
Subject: Some answers
i think this must have been before 1976 because it appears Leary is still with Rosemary, They separated in 1976. I am going to check on that, because she may have been there as a participant.

Oscar Janiger to the right of Leary. Captain Al Hubbard in the uniform to the left of Leary. Sideny Cohen on the left end of the couch. Sitting across from Cohen is Myron Stoloroff. The others in the room were also familiar faces, can't remember all the names but I recognize the faces.

Too bad John Lilly had not yet arrived. They weren't on LSD. They were drinking alcohol and coffee and talking about food. They wouldn't be doing that on LSD.
Reviewer: stealyourwife - - December 22, 2009
Subject: Question
well i googled huxley and realize he died in 1962 so that answers one of my questions...i'd still like to know who some of the others in the room are though